Newsletter – March 2021


Following the special Covid-19 call for projects launched last autumn, 5 projects have been successfully selected! They all propose concrete solutions supporting young people with refugee and migrant backgrounds, particularly impacted by the crisis.

In France, with the Union of Exiled of Students and in Poland, with the Polish Hospitality Foundation, special attention has been set to mental health support to University and School students. RWAN in Belgium is focusing on the development of digital skills for women with refugee backgrounds. In the Mediterranean area, while the Project Phoenix in Cyprus is developing online English classes, on smartphones, for people seeking asylum; a team of Greek students from the faculty of journalism and mass communication of Thessaloniki is preparing workshops on disinformation for young people with refugee backgrounds so they can help their community to detect fake news around Covid-19 and migration-related news. 

For more information about the new projects, check here!


Do you remember the call for volunteers for the students-led World Refugee Day 2021?

In January 2021, 16 volunteers have started to work together to create a Campaign for World Refugee Day, on the 20th of June. The group members, from various countries and backgrounds, are meeting (online) every two weeks from January to June with the mission to discuss with experts and representatives from institutions and NGOs, to develop news skills (public speaking, advocacy and campaigning, etc) in order to create a meaningful student and youth-led Campaign!

The cherry on top: the 6 months programme and the delivery of the campaign will be co-developed by ESU and the Voices of Young Refugees (VYRE)!

For now, best of luck to Niki, Alaa, Misheck, Asif, Katarina, Khalid, Joana, Francesca, Dominique, Adrian, Rosa, Svetla, Alex, Maria, Fanchon and Borna!

Do you want to know more about the group, contact us at


AEGEE, part of a project supported by TMF, has launched a survey to gather an overall picture of the accessibility of European higher education for third-country national students and to assess procedures used by higher education institutions in Europe for the purpose of recognizing previously acquired competences of third-country nationals. 

  • Are you coming from a non-EU country? Or do you know young people from EU third countries?
  • Did you have to go through the recognition of your previously acquired competences or diplomas?
  • Or do you plan to get your competences and diplomas recognised?

To fill the survey, it’s here!


If you’re multilingual, you can help! Join Tarjimly’s free language access app to help provide people seeking asylum or with refugee and migrant backgrounds with the language access needed to meet their needs. Sign up to volunteer to provide free on-demand interpretation and translation on a flexible basis from your phone. Accept requests when you’re free, and reject them when you’re busy. To get started, scan the QR code, sign up, and download the app!

Tarjimly means “translate for me” and was founded in 2017 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis and the US Refugee & Travel Ban. The mission is to improve the lives of refugees and the efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers.

Info about Tarjimly, it’s here.


VYRE and the Young Republic, as part of their VOICIFY project, are looking for an Advocacy Officer, to ensure the direct and meaningful participation of YRMASUD (Young Refugees, Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Undocumented) children and youth

  • WHAT? The Advocacy Officer will be responsible for managing the content, research and dissemination aspects of the project. The person will be working closely with the VOICIFY project manager and the project board.
  • WHO? The selected candidate is expected to have knowledge and experience working in the field of advocacy and migration, experience working with NGOs and the youth sector.
  • Consultancy contract until the end of August 2022, with a total fee of 42000€.
  • HOW? Send your CV and cover letter in English, in a single PDF to, before the 3.03.2021

Info about the Job add: it’s here.