Call for volunteers: coordinating team for world refugee day

THE DEADLINE HAS PASSED. Deadline: 31 december 2020

Since 2016, the TMF programme has supported almost 50 local projects in 20 countries, with one common objective: to empower students to develop creative solutions to overcome educational barriers and reshape the narrative behind migration. 

In 2019, a group of volunteers gathered the best practices from these projects to encourage even more students to take an active role in building an inclusive society. The TMF projects portfolios are available here. In parallel, a group of student activists met in Geneva, in parallel to the Global Refugee Forum to discuss priorities in terms of education and migration, from a global perspective. We published The Global Students’ Demands on  Refugee and Migrants’ Education

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic led the students population, and particularly students with refugee backgrounds in a very difficult situation (mental health issues linked to isolation, stress and lack of social interaction, financial problems, connectivity issues, etc.)

 What’s next? 

  • How can we build on the previous experiences and bring a common message at European level? 
  • How can the ESU, through the TMF programme, play a leading role at European Level when it comes to access to quality education for students with refugee and migrant backgrounds? 
  • What should we do to make the voices of students and students with refugee and migrant backgrounds better heard? What message can we share for World Refugee Day 2021?
That will be the mission of the Coordinating team! It’s time to join forces, ideas and experiences to propose the next advocacy steps for ESU and to prepare a joint message to share on World Refugee Day (June 2021)!

By joining the coordinating team, you will be able to:

  • Join a safe space to share experiences and ideas with a group of young volunteers from all around Europe;
  • Think out-of-the-box and co-create an advocacy and action plan for the World Refugee Day 2021;

  • Help in developing knowledge on advocacy, lobbying, European policies related to migration and education;

  • Organise meetings to discuss with experts on the European, national or local levels on migration and education topics;

  • Develop clear recommendations on the topic by the end of World Refugee Day 2021. 

Applicants are required to:

  • Be a student, student representative or youth activist/worker/volunteer with some knowledge/experience working on inclusion and migration issues 

  • Have some knowledge or strong interest on advocacy/campaigning 

  • Be available to volunteer between January and June 2021

  • Be able to work in English (spoken and written skills)

  • Be able to work in a team 

  • Be able to work independently through online channels 

  • Have access to a laptop/computer and internet connection

  • Be based in Europe


Young people with refugee and migrant backgrounds are highly encouraged to join.


The Coordinating team will be supported by the ESU Human Rights Coordinator and Fanchon, Together, Moving Forward programme coordinator. We will implement a strong participatory approach, based on the need, interest and motivation of the participants.  The frequency of the group meetings will be decided together.

The final selection of candidates will take into account the above criteria, gender and regional balance.

If you have any suggestion or question about the workload or process, please contact Fanchon at movingforward@esu-online.org


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