ARENA project: focus on Recognition of Qualifications for Students with Refugee Background

ESU is proud to take part in the ARENA- Refugees and Recognition (Toolkit 3) project, led by NOKUT, focusing on recognition of qualifications for Students with Refugees backgrounds.

The overall goal of the project is to enhance the mobility, employability and access to further studies for refugees, displaced persons and persons in a refugee-like situation, including those without official documentation of their educational background.

Concretely, through this project, the aim of this project is:

>> to further test, upscale and adjust the Toolkit in cooperation with national recognition centres and higher education institutions (HEIs) from major refugee-receiving countries that have a diverse set of admission procedures;

>> to address the need to integrate a broader focus on ensuring the sustainability of identified best practice procedures and assessment schemes, in an effort towards increased capacity building at institutions.

>> five new refugee country briefings will be developed, providing updated and easily accessible information on the educational systems of Yemen, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Palestine.

The project mostly targets:

  • a university staff member working in international admissions
  • in charge of recognition of foreign qualifications
  • a credential evaluator
  • an immigration officer or integration adviser for newly arrived refugees and migrants
  • looking for ways to recognize qualifications when the documentation is missing

Duration of the project: June 2020-May 2022

More info: or contact directly