Do you want to support access to education for young refugees?
Do you want to organise an activity supporting World refugee day?

Time to combine your creativity to kick-start actions in Europe that tackle the main barriers limiting the access and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in education and society!

As part of World Refugee Day, on the 20th June 2021, we are calling on student-led, youth-led groups and NGOs to support access to Higher Education for young refugees and to celebrate diversity and quality education for all. Help us to reach 15% of young refugees in Higher Education by 2030 #15by30! 

This Call for local activities is organised as part of the joint Campaign “Students and Youth in Actions for World Refugee Day” between the European Students’ Union and the Voices of Young Refugees in Europe.



Small grants between 300 and 500 EUR to organise local activities supporting World Refugee Day and the Access to education for young refugees


Deadline:  SUNDAY 16th MAY 2021 (23:59 CET)

Need some help?

Contact the TMF team to ask specific questions.


From 3% of the refugee population enrolled in higher education, the UNHCR aims to reach 15% by 2030, under the key message of #15by30. 


As students and youth, what can we do to ensure access to quality education for all? How can we make a difference at local level? How can we contribute to support young people with refugee backgrounds not only to access higher education but also to fully participate and feel welcome on campus, and succeed from this experience? How can we ensure the Covid-19 pandemic is leaving no one behind?


Through small grants, from 300 to 500 euros, we are willing to help you organise an activity in June 2021 as part of the World Refugee Day. This activity could celebrate diversity, support the access to education to young people with a refugee background, build network and friendship, help to develop new skills empowering students and youth in their personal, academic and professional lives, and to overcome challenges raised by the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We want to continue our efforts to encourage and promote valuable and viable options for refugees and asylum seekers to access and benefit from education, and be part of our communities.

Our objectives

With this Campaign, we want to inspire change and:

  • Raise awareness of the fact that only 3% of the world refugee population have access to higher education.
  • Support the UNHCR pledge to increase this number by 15% by 2030.
  • Inspire student-led initiatives addressing refugees’ and asylum seekers’ access to education and living conditions;
  • Propose solutions supporting access, participation and success in Higher Education for young people with refugee background;
  • Celebrate the diversity in your organisation/institutions.
  • Build long-lasting links between young people with refugee background, exiled students, the student and host communities.

Who can apply

  • Non-for profit organisations working with students and youth
  • Student-led and Youth-led organisations, local students’ union, refugee-led or migrant-led organisations
  • Informal group of students motivated to organise an activity supporting the #15by30 message
  • We strongly encourage partnerships between organisations, with the aim of enlarging the scope, expertise and influence of each project.

What we fund and not fund?

We fund:

  • Student and youth-led initiatives at local, national or European level organising an activity supporting the #15by30 message
  • The activity should be student-led or youth-led or have a strong student/youth participation;
  • The inclusion of young people or students with refugee background in the project is essential.  
  • The activity should be organised between the 1st and the 20th June 2021.
  • The small grant will support the implementation of the activity, including staff costs (up to 30% of the grant)

We do not fund:

  • scholarships and students fees
  • building rent
  • equipment cots (printers, laptops, etc)

Call For projects

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