2021, Together, let’s keep moving forward

Dear friends,

2020 finally comes to an end, after months of challenges for everyone and particularly students, in Europe and around the world, highly impacted by the crisis. We all know the consequences of the pandemic from the health, social, academic and economic dimensions; but today let’s focus on actions.  The past months proved once again how reactive, creative and motivated students and youth can be to find and propose solutions, to fight isolation, to support education and skills development, to build remote friendships, to share knowledge, etc. 

2021 might not be an easy one, challenges remain very high. But we know, from experience when working and chatting with you over the past months, that effective and lasting solutions are on the way. The quality of the projects and the motivation of the teams were highly recognised. And we have no doubt that you have even more project ideas in mind! From our side, we’ll focus on advocacy to make sure the voice of students and young people, and especially with refugee and migrant backgrounds is heard and taken into consideration.

More than ever, we have to keep working together to support the access to quality education for all and build the inclusive society we all want. 

A special thank you tothe TMF community, volunteers, students and young activists, for keeping strong motivation, dedication and solidarity.

Let’s hope for the best for 2021, let’s keep moving forward!

The TMF team is wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!

Ps: the TMF team and ESU colleagues will be on holidays from the 16th December until the 3rd January!